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Albany NY to Dodge City KS to Wichita KS to Phoenix AZ


I have been a space junkie most of my life. Growing up in the 60's my friends and I aspired to be one of two things: a major league baseball player or an ASTRONAUT! You just were not considered normal in my crowd unless you aspired to be like the big league ballplayers or the ASTRONAUTS! It was a great time to be a kid. Only three channels on the TV meant you were outside alot more than todays kids, getting a pickup baseball game together or pitching your prized baseball cards against the front stoop steps, closest to the step was winner take all! I know I lost a couple of valuable Mickey Mantle and Sandy Koufax's that way! And then there were the ASTRONAUTS. The best America had to offer.

I can remember Sister Margaret Mary at Saint James Institute in upstate New York rolling the black and white TV into our grade school classroom so we could watch either the launch or splashdown of those brave ASTRONAUTS! Then came high school, college, jobs, and a family and I kind of lost touch with that kid in me who worshiped those ASTRONAUTS. That is until recently when that interest was reignited and turned into a raging fire. Over the last couple of years I have met my heroes, I have talked with my heroes, and I have thanked my heroes for everything they have done for this country.

I am still humbled that a lower middle class kid from upstate New York could grow up to meet his childhood heroes and own these wonderful pieces of manned space program history. I feel as if I have a duty to collect as many of these items as possible so they can remain intact for future generations to enjoy as much as I enjoy being their temporary caretaker. Collecting vintage used items like checklists and manuals, especially if they show some wear and tear from use, is my passion. It's even better when they come with foldouts and/or some person's name, and/or notations, written on/in them, indicating their use in the day to day activities of the manned space program.

And thus we come to the purpose for this blog: to share some of the wonderful items I have been fortunate enough to obtain over the last couple of years. I hope you enjoy looking at them almost as much as I enjoy owning them.